we can create and birth our own consciousness
we don't even know the limits
the possibilities
we have no idea what our consciousness is
or what it can do  
and yet they tell us
you are only this.
you are only that.
we don't even know how many dimensions truly exist
no one has yet to answer
what is a mind?
and where did it come from?
and is it isolated

or is it floating in a sea

waves, that cross, and intersect

the interference revealing the many but one mind

the infinite just unfolding down to the mind

tricked into thinking it's nothing but a mind

and the fascists

with their technology

which is only their greed manifest

disappearing our bigger mind

making smaller and smaller minds

teaching us to worship




all tools to confine our mind

to live in fear

to thrive on causing sadistic pain to others

because we have lost how to feel our own

we are god

god is us

we have the key